CSC Agenda



Ellis Elementary 2023-24 Class Sizes
GradeHomeroom TeacherRoom NumberSize
ECELucero Model 111917
ECEJovhana Lopez12217
ECEHallie McIntosh12317
ECELissete Alvarado12018
ECEAndrea Randolph12119
KGJordan Niell12615
KGChristina Onpeng12515
KGEufracia Aragon12730
1stMadeline Baird10917
1stAmelia Roche10815
1stMegan Westmore11035
2ndMarley Horn11521
2ndCarolina Bacallao11429
3rdAnna Toft11112
3rdAngie Bonato11311
3rdAnaliesse Choi11221
4thKarla Suarez20121
4thBeth Fellows20721
5thMorgan Hulbregtse20633
5thJessica Aldern20526


Ellis Elementary 

2:45 – 3:15 pm

Warm Welcome 

Progress Monitoring 

-Early Literacy Snapshot

-Review of overall K-3 Data

-Review of disaggregated data

-ANet Data Analysis

-Bridges Data Analysis 

-Literacy and Math Data reflection and next steps

-Attendance Data Review

-BESS Data Review and Analysis 

November 27 Ellis Planning Day

Grade level planning 

-Teacher directed time

-ACCESS Data analysis (tracker) and strategic instructional plan (language structures) with think aloud (November 1)

Science Day Update 

December 1 was selected and confirmed by Community Resources

Optimistic Closure and Wrap Up 


Ellis Elementary 

2:45 – 3:15 pm

Warm Welcome 

Fall Adjustment  

Literacy snapshot At/Above Grade Level/SBGL – BOY data

Attendance – Snapshot by grade – daily monitoring of Goal 95% 

Student Safety 

Instructional rounds Walkthrough Tool Shared 

Ellis STEAM Day 

Optimistic Closure and Wrap Up