Message from the Principal

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October 28, 2020

Greetings Ellis Community,

We want to begin by thanking you for your commitment and support while we, as a district and school, do our best to navigate the mandated health guidelines, as well as the additional need of providing both in-person and remote learning opportunities for families.  As you’ve recently learned through a Denver Public School’s announcement, our students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be returning to remote learning beginning Monday, November 2.  Our current 3-5th grade in-person students will transition to the Seesaw remote learning platform with their current teacher and schedule.  Students who have selected the virtual option from the beginning will remain with their current virtual teacher and continue without interruption. This consistency of students remaining with their current teachers will ease the transition and promote fluidity with instruction and learning. Intermediate grades (3-5) will remain in remote learning through November 30 with a return date of December 1, at which time the current health conditions will be reassessed.

Meanwhile, our ECE, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade and all PLEX students who are attending in-person will continue with their current teachers and schedules.  With that said, we must also be prepared to pivot at any time based on our health conditions.  Our primary grade (ECE – 2nd Grade) teachers will be sharing a remote schedule with you in the case we suddenly move to remote learning and/or experience another remote snow day, as well as a reminder of how to access the Seesaw platform.  ECE teachers are also developing an action plan to provide learning activities during remote days.

For those of us continuing at Ellis in-person, we would like to remind drivers to adhere to all safety measures while dropping-off and picking-up students at Ellis.  If students are needing to cross the street please remind them that they must walk to the nearest stop sign to cross.  We have crosswalk staff members who will help ensure that all students arrive at school safely.

Whether in-person or remote, all students are invited to have their individual pictures taken.  We will schedule all in-person classes throughout the morning of November 10, and then hold the afternoon (1:00 – 4:30). for parents to bring their remote students to the school to get their picture taken. If weather permits we will have Lifetouch set-up and take pictures outside.  If the weather does not allow an outdoor option, cameras will be set-up in the auditorium adhering to social distancing guidelines.  Students will be able to access the auditorium from the parking lot entrance.  Lifetouch will have packets available on-site, but recommend ordering online at – using Picture Day IDEVT42WCT7.

In gratitude,

Jamie Roybal, Principal

Julie Padilla, Principal Resident   

Kimberly Ulery, Assistant Principal