Health Information

My name is Annie Hegland and I am the nurse for Ellis Elementary School. Along with the rest of the Ellis staff members, I will be working to help keep students and staff members safe.  Please review the following information that will help align and guide us as illnesses arise. 

Immunization Records 

As always, current immunization records are due before the child may start in the ECE program. Please make sure to bring in these records before you bring your child to school.

Temporary enhancement of respiratory infection control practice in Colorado child care facilities serving children ≤ 5 years old

How sick is too sick documents:

Hand Hygiene  

We will be implementing frequent hand washing throughout the school day. This is important in preventing the spread of germs. We ask that you help encourage frequent hand washing at home. Proper hand hygiene consists of 20 seconds of scrubbing with soap before rinsing hands. Hint: singing the alphabet song once is usually 20 seconds!

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our students and families safe! If you have any questions or concerns or you need resources related to COVID, feel free to reach out. 


Vaccinations keep your children from catching and spreading diseases that can make them sick. Please read a letter from the Colorado Department of Health & Environment that outlines required and recommended vaccines, vaccination records, paying for vaccinations, and exemptions.