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Posted November 8, 2023

Behind the scenes: What it takes to get food into the hands of Ellis Families
 Have you ever wondered just how, exactly, we’re able to feed a couple hundred families every month?

Today we’re sharing photos from a typical Tuesday at Ellis Elementary School, giving you a peek into the hard work and dedication it takes from partners, neighbors, students, staff, and families to get food to people in need.

Tuesday 1pm: Food is delivered to Ellis and set up in the auditorium
Every Tuesday, it all starts when LoVVe Project partner Matt Salis rolls up in his “Mango Tango”-colored jeep, hauling a trailer full of milk crates, frozen meat packs, dozens of eggs, and boxes full of fresh produce. 

Matt, Joel (Ellis Office Manager), and families form a bucket brigade to move hundreds of pounds of food into the auditorium.

1-1:30pm: Creating our marketplace in the auditorium
Regular volunteer José, with Joel and Andrew (Ellis facilities manager) working with 5th grade students to set up food and get ready to serve families.
1-2pm: Families line up
Families begin lining up a full hour before we open, snaking around the building into the parking lot. There are over 200 families enrolled in our programwe serve 60 of them each week on a first-come, first-served basis. Sadly, this means we turn families away empty handed every week when food runs out. 

Rules are posted for all to see

To ensure a great experience and fairness for all, we post reminders encouraging attendees to bring their own bags and Food Bank of the Rockies family food card.

We also prohibit pulling children out of school early to wait in line, holding a place in line for others, or using their food card more than 1 time in a single day.

We place a lot of importance on providing a dignified and positive environment, and being clear about how the program works is just one way we make sure to include our families in creating a great experience for all. 

2pm: Doors Open! 
Regular volunteers José, Barb, Mary Helen, and Sky await incoming families. Our consistent volunteers provide a warm smile and enthusiastic welcome while also assisting to package and carry fresh groceries.

This week’s produce boxes included a generous supply of hatch green chilis, red peppers, tomatoes, apples, lettuce, and more. 

2:20pm: Doors Closed when all food is goneEvery other day of the week…working in the background

In our next update, I’ll share more insight on the things that go on behind the scenes to make The LoVVe Project run.

From placing food orders to managing volunteers to bookkeeping, there is so much more “under the hood” that we’d like to share with you.
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Before you sit down to a bountiful Thanksgiving meal, please consider some of these facts:16 Newcomer families enrolled in Ellis in the past 3 days alone, they have arrived by bus from detention camps in neighboring states and have little more than the clothes on their backs
 The funds raised from this campaign will enable us to provide food for more families, which is crucial given the dramatic increase in demand for support. We aim to *never* turn families away empty handed
 Did you know we also provide other life supplies when we can?
This week we’ll be sharing 1000 pairs of brand new Bomba’s socks (thank you Showers for Everyone!). We have also provided diapers, wipes, laundry supplies, and other essentials as budget and in-kind donations allow. If you have not yet made a donation, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible!
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Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

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