Why Ellis

At Ellis Elementary, we are so much more than just your neighborhood elementary school. Our school is located at the corner of Iowa Ave. and Dahlia St. in Southeast Denver. Many of our Ellis Eagles live nearby, but our students and families come from all over the world to grow and learn here at Ellis. We are a diverse community of learners, and our students gain cultural competence and give equal respect to all members of their community. Our academic achievement is impressive – we are ranked as a “Green” school by Denver Public Schools, which means we meet expectations in both achievement and academic growth according to district standards. Our students’ academic achievement is supported by our warm, caring staff who provide a holistic approach to education, focusing on the social-emotional growth as well as a strong emphasis on academics. In order to support the diversity of our individualized learning plans, in all grade levels we offer comprehensive English-language instruction, as well as native-language instruction and support for Spanish- and Arabic-speaking students.

Our students, staff and the greater Ellis community live life The Ellis Way. The Ellis Way is comprised of five core values, and these values are incorporated into our daily learning. The Ellis Way core values include:

  • Perseverance — We overcome obstacles, keep trying and never give up.
  • Humanity — We believe that everyone in the world is important and special.
  • Cooperation — We work with each other to solve problems.
  • Respect — We take care of ourselves and others, and we listen to people in charge.
  • Self-Esteem — We show that we believe good things about ourselves by trying and doing well.

We invite you to join our Ellis community and start living The Ellis Way together with us! Click here to learn more about enrolling at Ellis.