Letter From Principal Whiteman 4/17/2019

Posted 04/17/2019

Good Morning Eagles,

I woke up this morning to the news of no school today due to the credible threat to the safety of our staff and students and could not believe that once again, our community is dealing with another situation that compromises our feelings of safety.

I have been in education for seventeen years and I have never experienced so many difficult or tragic situations as we have in this school year at Ellis.

We are STRONG together. We keep the safety net stretched far and wide under each other with our sense of urgency and commitment to our kids. Our mission statement is lived every day by each of you- YOU are preparing our students for the future of their dreams because you believe in them and teach them to believe in themselves. We work together to create and protect a safe learning environment where students can thrive.

Today, put you and your family first. Be kind and generous to yourselves. We all need some time to feel and acknowledge everything we have been through this year.

Although in seventeen years, I have never experienced so many terrible events, I’ve also never experienced the support and collaboration from staff and families that care as deeply or are as passionate about social justice and love as all of you.

I’m thinking of you today, swimming in a sea of sadness and overwhelming gratitude.

Nichole Whiteman