Important Reminders about school wide policies at Ellis Elementary School

Posted 02/23/2016


Students can bring a small bag of chips (size of a sandwich bag) with their cold lunch. Large bags of chips do not substitute a lunch and will not be permitted at school.  If a student has a large bag of chips, the bag will be taken by a staff member and a parent will need to come get the chips so that the teacher and the parent can have a conversation about the importance of their child eating a lunch that provides nutrition to help them stay focused and learn throughout the school day.

At Ellis we have a no sharing policy due to allergy concerns.  Students are not permitted to share any food or drink.

Cell Phones:

No students at Ellis Elementary School may have a cell phone or any other electronic media device at school. It is not appropriate or safe for students in elementary school to have unlimited access to internet content.  This is why DPS monitors content access through strict security policies on all computers and electronic devices owned by DPS schools.  It is not possible to monitor content on a personal cellular device. If you insist that your child have a cell phone, you will need to sign and return a consent form which you will need to get from your child’s teacher.

 At Ellis, our first priority is to keep your child safe.  We have implemented this policy for your child’s safety and well being.  Thank you for your cooperation in this very important safety issue.

 **Ellis accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices (phones, ipads, tablets, games, etc.)


Gum is not allowed at school. It is extremely difficult and expensive  to clean up. If students are caught with gum in their mouth, they will be instructed to throw it away in the nearest trash can. If students have gum that is still in the wrapper, they will be instructed to turn it into a staff member, a parent will need to come pick up the gum if they want it returned to the student.


Hats/ hoods can be worn outside only. Hats and hoods in the building are a distraction to the learning environment. If students have continued difficulty following this school wide policy, the hat will be taken by a staff member and a parent will need to come pick it up.

 At Ellis Elementary School, our first priority is to keep students safe and to ensure that they are learning at high levels so that they can define, pursue and achieve their dreams.  These policies exist to ensure that this vision is a reality for every child at our school.  Thank you for your partnership!